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Hot Shot Cricket is a modified form of cricket utilizing time & kid tested equipment & techniques. Cricket is played all over the world and is the fastest growing team sport in America today. 

Hot Shot Cricket takes the basic fun elements of cricket and wraps it all up in a safe, inexpensive & easy to learn & teach program that kids, teachers and administrators love.

To play HSC you just need a mostly level playing surface about the size of a basketball court.  It can be played easily & safely indoors or out in a gym or on asphalt, grass or dirt. HSC is suitable for boys & girls of all ages.

Lets look at what you need to play a game of HSC.

2 bats , 2 sets of wickets & a ball.

Set up the 2 wickets about 15 to 20 yards apart (depending on the age of the players )  in line with each other.  There is a bowlers (pitcher) end and a strikers end (hitting batter)

You have a person throwing the ball from one set of wickets to the other trying to hit the wicket by bouncing the ball (one or 2 bounces is fine) they are called the bowler. They throw 6 times then someone else has a turn. (Sometimes a parent or teacher does the throwing instead.)

You have 2 batters one at each wicket. The one at the strikers end tries to stop the ball hitting the wicket by using the bat to hit the ball away from the wicket. If they hit the ball into the outfield the 2 batters run to their opposite wickets to score 1 run.
They can keep running back and forth to score more runs. but if a fielder tags the wicket with the ball before they get back to it then they are out and they lose 5 runs off their score. So Batters should stop running between the wickets if it looks like the fielder is going to tag the wicket with the ball before they can get back level with the wicket.
Run out : a fielder picks up the ball and either throws it at either wicket or tags the wicket with the ball in their hand, before the batter gets level with the wicket.
Caught : if a ball is hit in the air and a fielder catches it
Bowled : if the ball hits the wicket.
Hit Wicket: if the striker while trying to hit the ball, accidentally hits the wicket with any part of their bat or body.

These are the most common ways to get out.

You can play it in teams of as many as 20 or even just keep score by pairs.

Whichever way you choose to play it, we know you'll have fun.

Videos: Cricket Basics
Hot Shot Cricket Video  2 :25 min
Cricket Overview  4:05 min
Cricket Batting  6:07 min
Cricket Bowling   4:27 min
Cricket Fielding 4:23 min
Cricket Catching 3:02 min
Cricket Wicket Keeping  2:38 min
Cricket Scoring  1:46 min

Cricket Fun Wrap up 2:28 min