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August 26, 2010 5:48:21 PM

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Say What?
Some of the reasons I like cricket are the good sportsmanship that cricket players of all ages show, I like it better then baseball because I get to hit a lot more , and they organize it so you get to bowl (pitch) , bat and field. I want to be in the U13 American team. I am working
towards being an all-rounder.
Jason Fox, Grade 4
Cleaveland Elementary, Wichita , Kansas

I like cricket because there are heaps of strategies to learn. It keeps me active and fit. I've made many friends from across the country and world through playing cricket. I hope one day I captain the American cricket team in the World Cup!
Keenan Fish, Grade 7
Castle Rock Middle School

I love Cricket! I wish the PE classes never ended. I would always look forward to the next week's lesson. I just have so much fun playing this sport. I would recommend this sport for anyone who likes playing golf or baseball. A good swing of the bat is essential to earn points for your team during a cricket match, although being a fast runner helps also. If you like a large playing field, six runs for a home run, hitting the ball behind you and catching it with bare hands, then this is a great sport for you! When played at professional matches it's played with a ball harder than a baseball. I recommend this sport for everyone!
Peter Farley, Grade 5
Lois Lenski Elementary, Littleton, Colorado

I like cricket because it is fun. It is a combination of baseball and golf, two other sports that I really like. I like that when you hit a home run, you score 6 runs. I also like that there are different kinds of bats. It is pretty cool that it is played in different countries. It is fun challenging other players.
Drew Brackett, Grade 5,
Lois Lenski Elementary School

Playing cricket is really great! I used to play baseball. I was no good at it. I never hit more than a single, but when I was introduced to cricket, I knew it was a keeper! It is much easier to play than I first expected. I scored 25 runs in one inning while playing continuous cricket earlier this year!! I really like fielding because you can earn lots of respect when you make a diving catch!
Andrew Witt, Grade 5
Lois Lenski Elementary School

Testimonials from Groups

I want to thank Coach Fox and his son Jason for taking the time to work with my boy scout crew and teach them the game. They started with an overview of the game play and rules and then we went out to the field to give it a try. They both worked well with the boys and made sure that they understood what was going on. I think that all of the boys came away with a good knowledge of the game and an appreciation for those who play. Several have voiced that they would like to try and play again some time. Overall the afternoon went very well.
Thanks Guys!
Mike Bailey
Troop 480
Venture Crew

Videos: Cricket Basics
Hot Shot Cricket Video  2 :25 min
Cricket Overview  4:05 min
Cricket Batting  6:07 min
Cricket Bowling   4:27 min
Cricket Fielding 4:23 min
Cricket Catching 3:02 min
Cricket Wicket Keeping  2:38 min
Cricket Scoring  1:46 min

Cricket Fun Wrap up 2:28 min